Cimetrix Factory Connectivity Solutions

SYSTEMA partner - Cimetrix LogoCimetrix is a world-leading company for software products in the field of factory connectivity and equipment control especially for semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED and electronics industries. Cimetrix products allow the implementation of tool control and SEMI connectivity standards like SECS/GEM, GEM300, EDA/Interface A and PV2.

CIMConnect, CIM300 and CIMPortal – “best–in-class” products for SECS/GEM, GEM300 and EDA/Interface A

The CIMConnect™ software toolkit provides libraries, sample applications, testing tools, and GEM Manual template for developing and deploying communication interfaces on manufacturing equipment. The CIMConnect architecture supports both the SEMI SECS/GEM standard and the SEMI PV2 standard, as well as multiple independent host interfaces with a generic communication abstraction layer.

The CIM300 empowers equipment suppliers to implement GEM 300 and SECS/GEM standards-compliant interfaces with the minimum amount of time and cost. The toolkit provides a set of modules to implement these standards.

The CIMPortal software toolkit provides a comprehensive equipment data acquisition (EDA) solution for equipment manufacturers. It can be also used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) who are retrofitting existing equipment. 
The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes tools for designing, developing, testing, optimizing, and deploying EDA/Interface A communications that fully comply with the SEMI standards and accommodates data collection from different software and hardware platforms.