SYSTEMA - About us

Headquartered in Dresden, Germany SYSTEMA has offices in Regensburg, Germany, Bend (OR, USA) and Ipoh (Malaysia). SYSTEMA provides automation IT solutions to the private and public sectors around the globe.

Founded in 1993 by Dipl.-Inf. Manfred Austen, SYSTEMA has grown to an enterprise with over 130 employees. SYSTEMA employees are experts who draft, craft and deploy automation IT solutions with the passion of engineers. This engineering expertise is essential to quickly understand the challenges and demands in a high-tech manufacturing environment.

SYSTEMA is often asked to help draw out customer’s business requirements and improve existing business processes. We speak the language of the industry and develop automation IT solutions that meet the requirements of todays quickly changing business world - ready to meet the requirements of tomorrow. Our lean and solid solutions are the result of very precise and thorough work, delivered by our engineers, developers, scientists, professionals and industry experts.

If you would like to recieve further information, don't hesitate to contact one of our offices in Dresden, Regensburg or Bend (USA).


SYSTEMA headquarters in DresdenWith our headquarters in Dresden SYSTEMA is located in a city which has turned into the largest center of microelectronics in Europe. As a member of Silicon Saxony SYSTEMA has the resources to develop and deploy innovative and robust solutions that meet regulatory requirements around the globe.

Customers around the world value our experience and expertise in many field of high-tech manufacturing automation. Our services include designing, building, deploying, operation and support of manufacturing automation IT solutions.