September 20 - 22, 2017

17th ASIM Conference, Kassel

Simulation of Manufacturing – Production Operations and logistics

Operational data collection: the cornerstone for manufacturing analytics and reporting, and real-time shop-floor decision making. In the smart factory, simulation models also utilize production data. However, due to constraints in data- access constraints, models, or quality, operational reporting systems often use a different data-set than the simulation systems. Consequently, the results of manufacturing operations and simulation are difficult to compare side by side, further clouding the power of simulation results.

SYSTEMA's Realtime Integration Suite (RI Suite) provides a continuously updated source for event-based manufacturing data for operational reporting and analytics. In this presentation we will explore how to efficiently utilize the RI Suite to source production data, and to utilize the same RI Suite reports to analyze the results of your factory simulation models, providing a closed-loop feedback for validation and verification of simulation scenarios.

For these reasons, we are excited by the opportunity to discuss this topic to a broad audience of manufacturing experts at the ASIM conference.

Interested? Meet us in Kassel for further discussions. We are also happy to provide you with more information—either on the phone or via e-mail.

Contact person:

Mike Gißrau, PhD

Innovation Management

Phone.: +49 351 88 24 854


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ASIM Conference, Kassel