January 18, 2018 - SYSTEMA Expert Day 

Big Data, Big Challenges – How to Gain Insights with Smart Analysis

Among the myriad of promises on the IoT landscape is full factory automation – even as it relates to the integration of existing assets which lack software interfaces. Industry leaders of tomorrow recognize this and are employing
IoT and cloud-based solutions today in order to collect, evaluate, and gain insights using real-time data.
These insights serve to increase on-time delivery rate as well as elevate production, quality, and revenue.
It is no coincidence that since the early 1990s data are being proclaimed as a new currency or, as Clive Humby dubbed in 2006, as the “New Oil”.

Of course, collecting data alone is not sufficient.

Industry leaders are transitioning from big data to smart data. But how? What is needed in order to capture and evaluate critical data in a reasonable way? Which scenarios for evaluation, simulation, and prediction make sense for which applications?

To answer these questions and more, we cordially invite you to SYSTEMA ExpertDay
on January 18, 2018 in Dresden.

SYSTEMA ExpertDay 2018 marks the beginning of the 25th anniversary of SYSTEMA. Please join us and take this special event as an opportunity to make SYSTEMA’s solutions and concept presentations more tangible. In addition
to keynote presentations, you’ll have exclusive access to “Smart Automation” through interactive demonstrations.


 8:30–9:00 am

Registration at SYSTEMA

 9:00–9:30 am


Welcome and Opening

 9:30 am–noon


Interactive Sessions (30 minutes each)

 Session 1

SMART Automation and Analysis
Steffen Pröhl, Convanit
Michael Meinel, Convanit

 Session 2

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights
Visibility – KPI Standardization Data Harmonization Insights to Actions
Laura Olson, SAP Deutschland SE

 Session 3

SAP Analytics Cloud  Solve your business needs with machine learning
Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics Planning
Horst Meiser, SAP Deutschland SE

 Session 4

Renaissance of the Operating Curve in realtime worldwide!
Dr. Gerhard Luhn, SYSTEMA
Albrecht Neumann, SYSTEMA

 Session 5

GOETHE Root Cause Analysis based on location and time based data
René Dienel, SYSTEMA
Dr. Mike Gißrau, SYSTEMA

 12:00 pm


Closing and shuttle to 15th Innovation Forum for Automation

Presenting partner companies and organizations:


Last year´s impressions:

November 14 - 17, 2017 - SEMICON Europa, Munich

Meet SYSTEMA at the Silicon Saxony joint booth, B1.416. 

Our SYSTEMA Experts will also be on-site to assist you with how SYSTEMA Solutions enable Integrated Manufacturing Execution Business Process Automation and Optimization
with the “Digital Twin”. 

Don't miss the chance to experience our solutions for predictive analysis of dynamic bottlenecks
and maintenance based on 
our Realtime Information Suite (RI Suite). 
Look forward to our presentation:


Managing high-tech Fabs at maximum capacity
- The renaissance of the Operating Curve?
Gerhard Luhn, Phd - Innovation Manager

TechLounge | Nov 15, 2017 | 12:45 pm
SEMICON EUROPE 2017 | Messe München | Munich, GER

More information

Just contact us to get a special online voucher for the registration.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you and to schedule an appointment with you at our booth.
We look forward to meeting you at productronica 2017 and SEMICON EUROPE 2017

SYSTEMA - Manufacturing Excellence through Software Solutions

October 26, 2017 - SYSTEMA User Day


Digital transformation for manufacturing.

Your Requirements, Our Experience — Together Enabling the Smart Factory. 

The demand for mobile communication, e-mobility and industrial automation grows relentlessly. Analog products, MEMS and Power Applications are critical enablers of these business areas and therefore the need for these electronic components is growing. Existing 200 mm circuit and MEMS manufacturers are embracing a 200 mm manufacturing “renaissance”.

Having reached the nominal capacity limit, these fabs are confronted with the business opportunity to further increase production volumes. Fabs that originally focused on single-products and mass production (high-volume low-mix) now have to produce many small batches in a highly flexible manner (high-volume high-mix). Operators and process engineers are faced with a number of challenges: replacement of the legacy tools or additional equipment is difficult. Refurbished equipment is increasingly scarce and the primary equipment manufacturers are focused on the 300 mm market. Simultaneously, the fragmented heterogeneous manufacturing IT landscapes need to be standardized and expanded; material tracking and control need to be improved.

How to realize increased production volumes, yields, and product mix? Is automation a solution – or does digital transformation devour its creators? The semiconductor industry is not alone in this opportunity to transform manufacturing – many industries face similar challenges to further digitalize production.

For the SYSTEMA User Day, we will present solutions and concepts demonstrating how to reorganize and automate existing processes with the support of software.

In addition to the presentations we highly value the candid feedback and dialogue with you. What specific challenges do you face with the “digital transformation” of your factory? Together let’s discuss your needs and SYSTEMA’s solutions and approaches.


Noon–1:00 pm Registration at SYSTEMA
1:00–1:30 pm

The Role of System Integration in the Age of IoT

1:30–2:30 pm

Harvest the Potential of Existing Manufacturing by
Shop Floor Integration and Automation

2:30–3:00 pm Coffeebreak
3:003:30 pm

Let Legacy Equipment Speak “Digital”

3:304:00 pm

Use a Holistic Approach for Real-time Manufacturing Information,
Analysis and Control

4:004:30 pm

Streamline Operations with Event Driven Dispatching and Scheduling

4:30–5:00 pm The Scenario of the Highly Automated “Lights-out Fab”

Evening event

For the evening we invite you to dinner within the unique atmosphere of Dresden's baroque city center, where we can continue the discussions and networking with dinner and beverages.

7:00 pm Welcome at Felix
          7:30 pm Dinner    

Register here

Please find your access code in the invitation e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail and you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to an exciting and insightful day with you.

Hotel & Directions

We have reserved a number of rooms for you (89,– €/night). Book your room until September 21st 2017 directly at the Felix Hotel. Please use the keyword “SYSTEMA User day”.

The evening event will take place at the same location (Felix Hotel).


User day

Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring 6

01099 Dresden


Evening event

Felix - das lebendige Haus
Kleine Brüdergasse 1-5

01067 Dresden

Your contact:

Susanne Weidner

Phone: +49 351 88 248 42


SYSTEMA - Manufacturing Excellence through Software Solutions 

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