Software Solutions and System Integration for High Technology Manufacturing

SYSTEMA provides software solutions, processes, and services to the high technology industry that are cost-effective, improve productivity and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

SYSTEMA provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services in End-To-End Automation, Manufacturing IT and Enterprise Integration Solutions.

SYSTEMA has a built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor to our clients, having established long-term collaborative partnerships where we provide valuable knowledge and deep expertise supporting clients to advance their competitive advantage through enterprise-level manufacturing software solutions.

SYSTEMA:  From Promise to Realization - Systematically

  • Analyze, synthesize, and document business requirements and opportunities  
  • Harmonize business processes through skillful application architecture and design
  • Audit “best of breed” standard software products and technologies
  • Design and implement platform-independent flexible, efficient, cost-effective solutions
  • Support the introduction, training, rollout, maintenance, upgrade and migration processes

ERP, MES and Automation Solutions

SYSTEMA delivers system integration and automation solutions that enable companies to quickly achieve operational excellence with full visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing processes and operations - from the factory floor through the global supply chain. SYSTEMA has the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage the complexity of automation software for high technology manufacturing.