Eyelit Manufacturing - Intelligent Factory Control

Manufacturers face constant pressure to do things better and faster. Eyelit products optimize performance across all production related operations - manufacturing execution, supply chain execution/coordination, product costing, asset and quality management - and coordinate the flow of critical manufacturing information throughout the enterprise. This keeps manufacturing aligned with the rest of the business and makes quick adjustments to market or customer demands possible.

The eyelit Manufacturing™ solution delivers a full-featured, technically advanced manufacturing execution system (MES), asset management, product costing, plant-level connectivity hub, and much more. By giving clear insight into production process efficiency, performance/equipment efficiency, inventory control and resource management along with the ability to automatically react to conditions in any factory system, eyelit Manufacturing™ enables customers to coordinate, control, and respond to changing demands in production.

Get complete control of factory efficiency

  • Product and WIP Modeling
  • Equipment and Site Modeling
  • Process and Route Modeling
  • Detailed WIP Tracking
  • Bill of Materials
  • Real-time Product Cost Accounting (Activity or Standard Based)
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Tooling Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Process and Engineering Data Collection
  • Detailed Recording and Verification of Product Genealogy
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Analysis tools
  • Interface with ANY other platform or system
  • Centralized Security and Administration
  • System and User-Defined Reporting