Manufacturing Efficiency Made Easy

SYSTEMA Eyelit PartnerEyelit's mission has always been to deliver and support with world-class customer service, easy-to-use, high-quality manufacturing management solutions that increase productivity and worker performance, and the bottom line for our customers.

Eyelit products are customer-driven in their development so that they are more intuitive, user friendly, and truly address the real-world needs of manufacturers. Eyelit has designed its software's architecture and implementation processes to deploy complete solutions very quickly.

Exactly The Tools You Need For The Whole Enterprise

Manufacturers face constant pressure to do things better and to do things faster. Eyelit products optimize performance across all production related operations - manufacturing execution, supply chain execution/coordination, product costing, asset and quality management - and coordinate the flow of critical manufacturing information throughout the enterprise. This keeps manufacturing aligned with the rest of the business and makes quick adjustments to market or customer demands possible.

Whether you are looking for a shop-floor control system, an enterprise asset management system, product cost accounting or just simple integration of heterogeneous systems, Eyelit meets the requirements. And, each Eyelit product is modular in nature so you can select just the features and functionality you need to improve your manufacturing efficiency. All Eyelit solutions are built with open connectivity and ease of use in mind. The power behind them is an advanced platform-independent architecture that makes integration to other applications quick and simple.

Product Offerings

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eyelit Integration
eyelite Enterprise Coordinationeyelite Classic Solutions

eyelit Manufacturing™
At the heart of our solutions, eyelit Manufacturing™ creates factory-level efficiency that keeps production optimized with full featured MES in a modular suite.

eyelit Intelligence™
Giving Managers and Executives access to critical intelligence: KPIs, an executive dashboard, built-in event management, and operational data store (ODS).

eyelit Integration™
Provides completely flexible, proven, easy-to-use, enterprise connectivity and application adapters.

eyelit Enterprise Coordination™
Coordinating between sites and production partners, gets critical production information to the right place automatically.

eyelit Quality™
Delivers closed-loop CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) and on-line SPC (Statistical Process Control) that you can count on.