Data Collection, Analysis / Reporting and  Process Optimization

Collecting, reporting and analyzing production data is an important Capability to leverage Quality Management and Process Improvement. Tracking and Tracing of components, modules and finished products (forward and backward) becomes increasingly important for Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance.
Key topics and requirements we meet in the Automotive Industry:

  • Monitor manufacturing, process capabilities and enable efficient decision taking
  • Support Continuous Improvement Processes and Cost Reduction Programs
  • Provide data to support process design optimization and product design which allows easy and cost effective  manufacturing
  • Collect and analyze all relevant quality and capability related data (dimensions, torque, pressure, hardness,  testing results, etc.) and send warnings, alerts or action plans (operator GUI) when set borders are violated
  • Provide seamless records of changes to the manufacturing process and allow to have this changes tracked on product level (which product went through which process)
  • Assure traceability of components and products across your value and supply chain
  • Collecting data is one thing,  making operational sense of it and communicating it seamlessly to all people involved in decision taking processes an other. – Our Expertise helps you getting there

Frequent parting points for Machinery and Equipment Integration, Automation and MES Implementation Projects

  • Paper based documentation processes or isolated data availability are not appropriate when high production volumes and manufacturing processes across different sites are to be handled
  • Process steps realized manually or by stand alone solutions in the past to be replaced by integrated machinery, equipment and automation solutions
  • Communicating of  process, order and Work in Progress (WIP) information is necessary or needs to be more detailed
  • Demand for records of quality data, traceability of material, components and products driven by customers and industry standards
  • Robust and consistent integration of new or existing machinery and equipment  within a heterogeneous system landscape becomes necessary to improve process control
  • Increasing production volumes and  ramp ups demand scalable software solutions
  • Number of products and customer specific variants will increase
  • Shorter product life cycles demand greater flexibility of manufacturing processes
  • Integration of additional equipment, new manufacturing lines, sites and subcontractors becomes necessary
  • Seamless communication across distributed manufacturing processes needs  to be assured.
  • Visibility throughout value and supply chains is necessary, traceability, order and WIP Information needs to be available
  • KPI based reports and analytics needs to be available for manufacturing and business process optimization

Systema Solutions and Expertise

  • Integration of Machinery and Equipment into an existing Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Automation, control and optimization of your manufacturing processeses
  • Process review and modeling
  • Analyses of current Manufacturing Execution Systems to select an appropriate System that corresponds best to your requirements
  • Control, track and synchronize material flow and assure traceability (forward / backward) of components and products across your supply and value chain
  • Optimization of production and production planning by monitoring and controlling production lines, communicating ERP-order information to the shop floor and show detailed production planning per shift and per line
  • Monitoring of Work in Progress, of key performance indicators (KPI) and role based KPI dashboards to extend visibility from ERP-level down to Equipment level / to the shop floor
  • Data Analyses and Reporting for Process Optimization and Cost Reduction Programs
  • Reporting that allows identification and implementation of best practices across the enterprise and around the globe
  • Support a global supply chain approach to Quality Management and collaboration around critical product and manufacturing data
  • Support execution fast contextual root cause analysis
  • Customers benefit from improved visibility from ERP-System down to the shop flor and are able to advance productivity and improve manufacturing planning and scheduling.


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