Keep pace with accelerated innovation, mass customization and customer expectations

SYSTEMA enables agile response to frequent design modifications, shorter product life cycles and increased product complexities while keeping quality high and costs low across complex global operations

  • Rely on best practices for consistent quality
  • Address the challenges of process variability reduction and significant productivity gains
  • Configure processes and data easily to support frequent change.
  • Maintain full traceability of all process flow and routing, product, equipment, BOM and assembly
  • Minimize variability
  • Reduce manual steps and associated errors
  • Integrate seamlessly with business systems and shop floor systems.
  • Automate quality data collection, assessment and action
  • Ensure exceptions management to handle out-of-control conditions
  • Execute fast, easy, contextual root cause analysis

Frequent points of departure for MES-Projects in Electronics Manufacturing

  • Paper based documentation and Isolated data availability for manufacturing steps and shop floor execution not able to handle increasing production volumes
  • Manual process steps to be replaced by automated and highly automated equipment
  • Integration of machinery, equipment and automation solutions within a heterogeneous system landscape necessary
  • Increasing number of products and customer specific variants to be handled
  • Customer requirements for traceability and quality data availability
  • Integration of further manufacturing sites, subcontractors and suppliers in the future
  • Support for continuous improvement and cost reduction programs
  • Detailed planning and scheduling of orders received from ERP

SYSTEMA  expertise and solutions for the Electronic Industry

  • Manufacturing Know How in the Electronics Industry
  • Analyses and evaluation of current manufacturing execution systems
  • Data, soft- and hardware migration
  • Integration of machinery, equipment, metrology devices and testing facilities
  • Development of Solutions for a heterogeneous systems landscape
  • Support reengineering of production processes
  • Development and implementation of high-end automation solutions
  • Implement the selected MES and assure seamless communication between shop floor and ERP
  • Production planning and scheduling on shop floor level (e.g. per line)
  • User friendly production monitoring
  • Data analyses and reporting of critical manufacturing and quality parameters, KPI’s, WIP
  • Individual and role based KPI dashboards
  • Improve visibility across supply and value chains around the globe
  • Implementation of seamless tracking and tracing of material, components and products
  • Enable fast and flexible reaction on unexpected events
  • Exception management
  • Improvement of decision taking processes based on reliable real time data


SYSTEMA maintains a network of world-class partners, allowing us to position and provide industry-leading solutions to our customers worldwide.

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