Semiconductor & LED

Manage continuous improvement in globally dispersed operations

SYSTEMA helps semiconductor customers to introduce innovative new products in the shortest time possible while ensuring top quality and keeping costs low. With deep knowledge in the field of Fab automation ranging from Equipment Integration and Manufacturing Execution Systems till Data Analysis and Manufacturing Intelligence solutions, SYSTEMA offers comprehensive experience in designing, developing and deploying solutions for semiconductor Frontends (including 300mm fully automated fabs), Backends and Module-houses.

  • Easy integration of Systema Solutions with existing business processes and shop floor systems
  • Configurability to support frequent changes
  • Ability to adapt to changing processes and product designs
  • Intelligence to recognize patterns, analyze root causes, and resolve issues
  • Hierarchical, re-usable process flows, with rework paths and optional steps
  • Integrated engineering and quality management: engineering and process data collection and reporting
  • Support of industry specific scenarios, including experiment management, sampling and recipe management

MES, EES, MCS, APC, R2R, SECS, GEM: SYSTEMA understands semiconductor language

Equipment Integration, Automation and MES Expertise for the most demanding applications

We offer comprehensive experience to support and extend:Semiconductor Wafer

  • Workstream MES, Workstream Classic
  • Promis MES
  • FAB300
  • SmartFactory
  • SiView
  • Eyelit
  • StationWorks

The SYSTEMA equipment integration framework is released to production in dozens of Fabs around the globe and has demonstrated flexibility, performance and reliability.


SYSTEMA maintains a network of world-class partners, allowing us to position and provide industry-leading solutions to our customers worldwide.

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