Material Transport & Tracking System

The MTTS System (Material Tracking & Transport System) is designed for controlling and managing material and its movements in a manufacturing line.

Data and transactions are stored in a history module. Modules to connect different ID- and transport systems are available for integration. The location of material will be updated in real time. Transport Systems from different suppliers can be integrated by using the open software architecture.

The Problem

Automation in manufacturing lines requires an increase in the capability to manage and track production material. SYSTEMA supports the integration of different ID Systems and transport systems within a Manufacturing IT environment. By using MTTS as part of the SYSTEMA Integration Framework you will have an already predone IT Infrastructure that can be also integrated into with standard MES and ERP environments.

The Solution

  • History Module to store data & transactions
  • Modules to connect different ID- and transport systems
  • Event driven update of material location for
    • Automated Transport System
    • Shelves
  • Management of move requests for
    • Transport Systems
    • Manual transport jobs
  • Correlation between Carrier ID / Lot ID / Storage Location
  • Configurable GUI

IT Architecture

The MTTS system is completely aligned with the SYSTEMA Framework. It uses a message oriented middleware for communication. The communication component is encapsulated within a communication layer. These layer can be changed using configuration without effects on the core components. By using a service oriented communication framework, the MTTS can be integrated in all factory automation environments with low efforts. An integrated workflow engine supports an easy adaptation of the MTTS into different customer business logics (e.g. integration of MES transactions with other legacy systems).


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