Work Area Control

With increasing complexity in the operational environment and continued focus on the bottom-line savings of efficient and effective shop-floor decision making, a software solution was required to graphically present the disparate business processes and systems in a unified view. The application uses semantic images to guide users to move from issue to resolution in a limited number of keystrokes. The system is location-transparent, allowing distributed teams to view information and resolve issues consistently.

The Problem

  • Increase Fab utilization  SYSTEMA Work Area Control (WAC)
  • Improve labor efficiency
  • Decrease operations training time
  • Automate standard manufacturing scenarios/business processes
  • Overview on Manufacturing Processes and Tool State w/intuitive access to detailed information
  • Integration of all Shop Floor Control systems into a graphical attention state model

The Solution

  • SYSTEMA Client/Server Framework providing event based messaging between shop floor systems
  • SYSTEMA based Automation is supplying process and equipment events
  • Configurable Attention State models to trigger operator actions based on business processes
  • Java based Client and Server applications
  • GUI displays high-level status, updated in real-time 
  • Shop floor systems are integrated within detailed views, including automation interface

Real Time Event Based State Model Processing 

Integration of:

  • Dispatching system
  • SPC System (OOC, OOS,…)
  • Document Management System
  • Operations Management Metrics (Production Summary, OEE)
  • MES to provide a single Operations Interface

Increasing the Efficiency and Productivity of the Operations team up to 50%.


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