SYSTEMA - integrating all systems from shop floor to top floor

SYSTEMA SAP Partner SYSTEMA is the leading provider of enterprise IT system architecture and design services and a turn-key supplier of SAP manufacturing solutions for customers requiring scalable, stable, enterprise-proven and manufacturing-capable business process automation. 
SAP’s ‘Perfect Plant’ initiative provides the core software-suite and, through close collaboration and partnership, SYSTEMA provides the expertise to deliver a solution to extend your competitive advantage.

SYSTEMA:  From promise to realization of the ‘Perfect Plant’- systematically. 

SYSTEMA has successfully supported customers for over two decades in pursuit of the ‘Perfect Plant.’  SYSTEMA’s value resides in experience and insight gained through our tenure of successful solution delivery, from concept to solution, through services ranging from business-process consultation and manufacturing-system architecture and design to turn-key solutions.  In pursuit of the ‘Perfect Plant’ your core business processes are analyzed and harmonized through creation of an architectural blueprint allowing you to prioritize and budget projects based on key performance indicators (ROI, TCO, Asset Consolidation, etc.).  The modular, services oriented design of SAP’s software supports development of incremental solutions, with the confidence that your automated business processes will be integrated from shop-floor to top-floor.  

Integration of the enterprise

Enterprise integration was previously accomplished by forcing disparate application system models to share data through fragile interfaces that change independently with each vendor (EI, MES, ERP, SCM, SPC, Dispatching, Recipe, Equipment Management, Analytics and Reporting, etc.) – and now it does not have to be this way.  A ‘Perfect Plant’ is realized through systematic design, integration, and automation of core business processes based on priority and value to the enterprise’ bottom line.       

The ‘Perfect Plant’- A Concept

SYSTEMA and SAP’s ‘Perfect Plant’ concept is a commitment to ongoing innovation and evolution driven by the pulse and pace of your business requirements.  Together with SYSTEMA and SAP your IT infrastructure will become as agile as your business requires - acknowledging the desire to dynamically adapt to unforeseeable opportunities and market conditions, with the proven stability to manage core business processes day-in and day-out.

SYSTEMA and SAP’s ‘Perfect Plant’ Software components

SAP Enterprise Resoruce Planning (SAP ERP)SAP Business Objects (SAP BO)
SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII)SAP Process Integration (SAP PI)
SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME Core)Systema SAP ME Addons & Extensions
SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo)Systema Equipment Integrations Suite