SYSTEMA ExpertDay 2019

January 24, 2019 | Dresden, Germany

Shaping the shop floor of the future

Today’s manufacturing has reached a challenging state of complexity. What does your workday look like? Are you dealing with hundreds of colorful spreadsheets and endless engineering change notices (ECNs)? Are you frustrated by the time and steps necessary to determine the right material to process at any given tool while trying to account for every dynamic in your production environment?

In order to optimize operations further, your manufacturing IT must leverage the tribal knowledge of operators and engineers along with precise, real-time data from many different sources. This requires that manufacturers balance the paradox created with data-driven decision-making by further simplifying the aggregation of the data. Simply put, manufacturers need systems capable of transforming data from all sources in real-time into useful information so that users may translate that information into immediate, confident actions.

The goal, of course, is to leverage your people’s knowledge and let them work hand in hand with an intelligent IT system. Doing so will allow the system to combine the user’s expert knowledge with real-time data. The result: optimization.